Shirts vs hats – which is the best HVAC uniform for an expanding business?

I ordered some new uniforms for all the employees that work for my air filtration services corporation.

I’ve been in this industry for several years, but my company has doubled since the coronavirus.

The people I was with and I had several thousand dollars in sales just last month. Notably too, most of that was commercial services! A lot of people with local companies are reevaluating their indoor air conditions which reflects in our sales going up by 300%. I thought new uniforms would be a great way to celebrate the recent air filtration services success. I ordered shirts for all the men as well as gals. Each shirt has the name of the air filtration services corporation on the back. The name of the employee is hand stitched on the front of the shirt. When the shirts arrived last Wednesday, I was entirely happy to see the results. I was actually impressed by the vibrant colors as well as the hand stitching. Each shirt looked as enjoyable as the first. The hats were another story. I ordered baseball caps with the logo for the air filtration services corporation on the rim. I thought the logo would look great, but it entirely did not fit well on the hat. The final result was a mess. They did not look professional, so I called the corporation to complain. They offered to refund my cash if I was ungratified. I did not expect a full refund, so that was a nice surprise. They were gratified to hear that I was thrilled with the shirts. They offered to remake the hats, but I decided to get my cash returned instead, maybe the hats were a disappointing idea.


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