Starting out with fitness classes

It’s good to finally get active again after being sedentary for so long.

After I graduated and was hired as a software developer, I started earning decent pay that increased yearly.

My job is demanding and I’m often sitting at my desk for hours. There’s little opportunity to get up and move around. I realize that being active at various points throughout the day promotes healthy blood circulation. To make matters worse, I kept a drawer at my desk stocked with snacks. Because of this, I ended packing on the pounds after just a few years of working this job and living this lifestyle. I then had a scare when I nearly passed out from heat exhaustion. I was simply taking the stairs and began light headed. This was the lightbulb moment for me. I decided to sign up for a gym membership at a local fitness center. I had heard wonderful things about the facility from my coworkers. They offer group fitness classes for people who are just getting started. I was able to find classes that accommodate my busy schedule. Since I had no idea how to go about getting in shape, the group fitness classes were the perfect way to get started. All I needed to do was to show up on time and follow instruction. I signed up for all sorts of different types of classes, including spin, circuit training, pilates and yoga. All of the instructors have been really great. They make sure that everyone is following safe practices such as a thorough warm up, stretching and proper body positioning. I’ve learned so much from these classes, lost weight and increased strength. After about a year of strictly taking fitness classes, I ventured out into the gym and started using the various equipment. I now run on the treadmill, use the stationary bikes and ellipticals and take advantage of the weight training machines.
Physical Training Programs

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