The bartender didn't have control over the indoor temperatures

My friends and I decided to go out for dinner on Thursday night. We went to a new bar and restaurant where they plan to stream the football game live. It was my first time going to the bar and restaurant, but one of my friends had been to the establishment in the past. The bar and restaurant was filled with people, but they were streaming the football game live on several different screens throughout the place. The restaurant was packed with people and the indoor temperatures were very warm, humid, and uncomfortable. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt with short sleeves, and I was still feeling warm. I spoke with the bartender when I went to pick up a couple of beers. I asked the guy if there was any way to adjust the air conditioner. The bartender told me that the air conditioner is controlled by the corporate office. The thermostat for the air conditioner is in the manager’s office and it takes a special code to access the heating and air conditioner controls. I thought the guy was probably telling me a story, but it seemed like it could be the truth. About a minute after we stopped talking, the bartender told another person the same story after he complained about the indoor air temperatures. If that is the truth, the owner of the bar and grill must be a horrible person that doesn’t care about the employees or patrons at all. If the indoor temperature cannot be adjusted by someone in the bar, why even have a thermostat in the office.

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