The boxing match was delayed because of problems with the AC

Our instructor was put into a submission hold 17 seconds into the fight

I love boxing and watching UFC on the television. I go to a gym close to my house and take mixed martial arts classes. Our instructor is a competitor in the circuit and he was in a fight last Sunday night. My friends and I decided to go to the fight. The tickets were $35, but we got a free beer and hot dog with the ticket purchase. About halfway into the first matchup, the AC stopped blowing cold air. At first the air was just cool, and then it was warm. I thought it was the amount of people in the room, but the AC was clearly not working. It was very warm and uncomfortable until the middle of the third fight, when the boxing matches were all delayed because of the problems with the AC. Everyone was asked to remain in their seats, but the matches were delayed until they could fix the problem. I didn’t really think it was fair to make us wait and I think they should have made the people fight even if it wasn’t cool inside of the building. By the time my teacher was scheduled to fight, I was tired and ready to go home. The match wasn’t that exciting and my friends and I should have left as soon as the problems with the AC began. Our instructor was put into a submission hold 17 seconds into the fight. Clearly the guy has a lot to learn about submission holds before he attempts another match. The guy is great at kickboxing and punching, but his ground game is weak.

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