The college’s ductwork needed to be cleaned and re-sealed

Being a worker at the local university was an excellent opportunity to give for my family; it meant every one of us could live in the university staff quarters, and my youngsters enjoyed the ambience, then one of the primary jobs I had to do was make sure things were working.

I checked the water, gas, and a/c in the school.

In case of any problems, I’d get in touch with the right specialists to come and do repairs. One day, every one of us had a problem with the a/c plan that seemed to be working effectively, but students were complaining that the classes were cold and they felt uncomfortable. So I had to get out my iPhone and call the HVAC company in the city to send us A/C specialists to take a look; two HVAC experts arrived at the university half an hour later and began diagnosing the problem with the furnace… But after some time, they informed me every one of us needed better duct sealing to prevent the loss of overheated air. The HVAC duct in the school was well installed but still caused lots of overheated air to escape when the A/C was operational, however duct sealing was the right solution because it would improve the comfort levels for students in the classroom. Once the spaces were no more, the classes would get warmer. Another benefit was better air quality during Wintertime and summer season. The risk of outdoor pollutants finding ways to the classes would reduce significantly. Only great air would blow into each room. Also, the school would save lots of currency since the team had to do duct cleaning first. Only after all the ducts were clean would they start sealing the gaps. This also reduced the possibilities of rodents and other critters finding their way into the air vents and building nests. If this happened, every one of us would suffer from more duct problems that hamper the A/C unit.

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