The HVAC unit in my daughter’s school broke down unexpectedly

Last week, my daughter was sent home early from school.

She called me from her cell after she was dismissed letting me know that the air conditioner in her school broke down.

I was shocked to hear this, as I would think that school A/Cs are properly maintained. Especially during the Summer when the school is empty. Just like any air conditioner proper maintenance and service is needed to keep the unit functioning efficiently. Well, I decided to call the school to inquire about the broken A/C. I wanted to know when it would be fixed and when my daughter would return to school. To my surprise, I was told that there is a supply chain issue and schools are feeling the effects of it. There is a backlog of open orders in the school system that have yet to be completed and unfortunately, my daughter’s school was part of that. Earlier this year, my HVAC technician mentioned to me about the issues they have been having in the industry. In fact, I had to wait a week before my HVAC unit could be serviced. But at no time did it occur to me that these issues would trickle down to our school system. I can only imagine how many air conditioners have not been serviced due to this ongoing issue. Well, my daughter’s school was closed for 3 days, but thankfully, she was able to switch to homeschool for those days. I am hoping that this supply chain issue gets resolved soon, so that we can avoid future HVAC issues in our schools.
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