The insect problem was pretty difficult to eradicate

Household pests can be very difficult to remove and eradicate. It is one big reason why there are several different pest removal services in the county. Household pests like bugs, rats, or termites can cause major damage to your home if not treated properly. As soon as you find the problem, it’s important to start treating the area. My wife and I were sitting in the living room last night. We were watching the news and I wasn’t really paying attention to the story on the tv. My eyes were caught by the long line of ants crawling down the wall next to the couch. I watched the ants crawl from the floor to the AC unit in the window. I alerted my wife and we turned off the news so we could focus on the problem. I couldn’t really tell if the ants were inside the AC or the floor, so I decided to remove the machine from the window. I placed the AC outside on the patio, so I could check the carpet and the flooring. It only took a few minutes to find the source of the issue and it wasn’t the AC unit unfortunately. It would have been much easier to fix the problem if the AC unit had been infested with the pests. Instead, it was our home that had an ant problem. I used some ant spray to kill the ants running around on the flooring and I made an appointment with a pest control service. I cleaned the AC unit thoroughly before returning it to the window where it belonged.

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