This was my first time in an indoor farmers market

I love farmers markets since this is a great place to find amazing healthy foods.

Most of the stuff in the supermarket can’t compare in terms of quality.

However, at times it’s not easy to head to farmer’s markets when you live in a busy city. Or maybe this is just an excuse not to reach for the healthy stuff. Anyway, last weekend a friend was visiting me and she requested we go to a farmer’s market. We did some research online and came across one that was indoors. This was an initiative by a local government in the area to help farmers sell produce all year. At the indoor farmers market, we noticed this space was so modern that it even had a commercial HVAC. A farmer we spoke to said she was so happy about the commercial HVAC since it kept the heat away. In summer, it’s easy for fresh food to go bad when there’s too much heat and humidity. But, being in an indoor setting protected from the sun and humidity, their produce lasts longer. A flower vendor near her said the same thing. Her flowers wouldn’t last that long when they were under umbrellas in some open space. However, since they moved into the indoor farmers market, she rarely throws any flowers away. I guess this is a great venture by the local government as it strives to help farmers sell their fresh produce. Adding the commercial HVAC has come in handy for many of them. It’s the same way I need a good AC unit at home to keep me comfortable and cozy during the hot summer months.



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