We are grateful for our smart thermostat

My Grandfather has lived by himself since our Grandma passed away a few years ago, and her passing was undoubtedly strenuous on all of us.

It was most especially on our Grandfather.

He did have some health concerns plus our Grandma used to help him around the home with a few things. Since her passing, we had to stop by more often to check on him. We also sent over an in-home nurse a few times a month to monitor him. One evening the oil furnace stopped laboring while he was home alone! The Heating plus Air Conditioning program was downstairs in the basement, so Grandpa put on slippers plus made the journey down to see if he could find the issue. He called up a neighbor who walked him through the steps to reset the heater. Once he finished up with that, he was getting ready to head back upstairs to reset the A/C control component when he slipped on a step plus fell down. He called for help when he laid on the floor, however it was freezing in the basement since the oil furnace had not been on for more than a minute at that point. Then he began aggressively shivering when he remembered that he could reset the control component from the iphone! My Dad had suggested installing a SMART control component in the house just so that he didn’t have to travel far to adjust the temperature. So he reset the control component before help showed up, and his body had gotten a little bit warmer. My grandpa was still cold however the paramedic said that if he had stayed in the freezing cold much longer, he would have been done for! We’re so grateful for current technology.

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