We are grateful that my grandpa is okay now

My Grandpa has some health problems, and my grandma used to help him around the house with a few things.

  • Since her passing a few years ago, my brother and I have to stop by more often so that we can check up on him.

Also, we send over an in-home doctor a few times a week to monitor his health. One winter night his heating system stopped working when he was there alone. The HVAC system was downstairs in the basement. My grandpa put on his slippers and he went down to the basement to try and find out what the problem was. He called a buddy of his who walked him through the steps to reset the heater. Once he finished the small repair, he was heading back upstairs to reset his temperature control when he tripped on a step and then fell down. He was able to call for help while he laid there on the floor, however it was frigid in the basement. That’s because the heating system had not been on for more than a couple of minutes. His body began aggressively shivering. Then he remembered that he could reset the temperature control from his iphone; My mom had installed a new SMART temperature control in his home so that he didn’t have to go far to adjust the temperature. He reset the temperature control and so by the time someone showed up, he had gotten a little bit warmer. He was still genuinely cold, however the paramedic said that if he had stayed in the frigid cold basement for another half hour, he might have gotten super sick! We’re so grateful for current technology.
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