We were so lucky to have a fireplace to keep everybody toasty

Thank God for a fireplace

Our heating machine could not have gone out at a more inappropriate time. We had our children and grandchildren all over for the holidays. It really had taken a bit of shuffling but all of us had a locale for everybody to get some sleep. The adults each got a room and the children were able to sleep on the floor in sleeping bags in the living room area. The first day was honestly chaotic with 6 children running all over the place plus 4 more adults in the residence. We had just finished lunch when all of us observed that it was getting incredibly frosty in the house. I adjusted the temperature control unit and then I all went out and had some thrilling times. We didn’t get back to the lake residence until after lunch. I was easily prepared to relax and get toasty in the warm house. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. It was severely cold in the house. The heating machine wasn’t working in the least. I abruptly reached out to our heating corporation but they said it would be a couple of days before they could send someone out. What to do? I had a lake residence full of family. Happily all of us have a fireplace that all of us pretty much never use. I used what wood all of us did have and got it going. Then my son and I went out and got more wood while the lake residence warmed up. We also picked up a few section heating machines for the other bedrooms. I don’t know for sure if we will end up needing those section heaters. The lake residence was nice and heated by the time all of us got back. Thank God for a fireplace. We really should use this fireplace more often. It is absolutely superb and lets off an amazing glow.

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