When should I quit my job with the HVAC company?

When should I quit my job with the HVAC company? I am thinking that I am going to quit my job as soon as I finish my training with the HVAC company.

  • When I first started training as an HVAC technician, it was my goal to work for the same HVAC company forever.

I love working as an HVAC technician, but I didn’t like working for the HVAC company. It isn’t like there is anything wrong with the HVAC company that is terrible, but I just don’t prefer to work for this HVAC company. I don’t get along with the HVAC technicians, and I don’t get along well with the owner of the HVAC company. I think that there is a personality conflict at the HVAC company. The type of person that the owner of the HVAC company likes to work with doesn’t fit my personality, and I know that it would probably be healthier for me to just find a new HVAC company. However, I also know that there is a stigma for people who quit their job as soon as they finish their free training. The HVAC company pays you to train as an HVAC technician, and we all appreciate it. Most people complain about HVAC technicians who take their free HVAC training for granted. However, we work hard for the HVAC company during our training for a cheaper price than normal HVAC technicians, so they get their money out of the deal. Also, I don’t want to feel like I am only working for the HVAC company because I feel guilty. I think that I will probably quit my job with the HVAC company after I become an HVAC technician.
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