Window films save money on energy bills

John had never lived anywhere so hot before! He had stayed in a coastal area for a year back when he graduated college, but this was something else, then the area barely got any rain and the winter time was so mild.

He felt like he would melt half the time given the high temperatures, but nothing prepared John for Summer in this area, but he had to suck it up since it was the best place for his current business, but John’s wife was from the area and she knew the best place to live which was where they bought a new house, but she took charge of getting the house in order while John worked at the office, and one afternoon, he came home to relax since he felt tired and observed the area felt warm, however even after cranking up the a/c, it seemed nothing could keep the house cool.

John had to find a solution since the house wasn’t comfortable at all. He spoke with a new employee at work who advised him on ways to keep the house cool, then apart from using an a/c, John had to use tactics like installing heavy blackout curtains. These block the sun’s extreme rays that heat the house. John wasn’t fond of this idea since the house would end up too dark. The employee then advised installing window movies on all the windows of the house. These would keep the sun’s rays out, maintain the cool atmosphere in the house and not make it too dark. John liked this idea so he added window films in their new home.

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