Window tint because of turtles

My fiance plus I recently bought a beach condo that the people I was with and I are renting out.

Since the condo is literally on the beach plus you can hear the ocean, I want to charge quite a bit, but unfortunately the previous owners didn’t take truly superb care of the locale.

All the plumbing plus shower fixtures are old. The floors are disfigured, the ceiling is coming down plus the frame of the condo is rotting. I have to put in quite a bit of task plus money. One thing I thought would be easy was replacing the windows on the beach house. There weren’t too numerous windows plus I thought it would be nice if they could open plus close. I got a window supplier in plus realized why the preavious owners hadn’t rpelaced them. I am legally required to get special turtle windows. This is a window tint that doesn’t supply a glare. Apparently with a normal window, the sun hitting it confuses turtles plus stops them from nesting eggs. There is a whole turtle patrol on the beach that is formed to protect the turtle nests plus their population. So windows with turtle glass are not cheap. I thought my up-to-date windows would be about 1000 for the whole project. Turns out doing the special window tint replacement would be 1000 per window. I have 6windows that face the beach that I need to do. I have decided to grit my teeth plus do it. It kills me that I need to do a special tint because of turtles though.

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